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FSC Policy

FSC® Policy

Zenith Print and Packaging Limited (the Company) are a high quality packaging, lithographic and digital printers offering superior quality and service providing a complete range of innovative commercial print and graphic solutions as well as an international leader for presentation packaging solutions in both coin/stamp collector and retail markets with over 40 years’ experience in the print and packaging industry.

The Company’s long-term intention is that the timber and paper used in the materials that we purchase will be sourced from well-managed certified forests and where possible we will source materials with the Forest Stewardship Council FSC chain of custody certification.

All FSC printed materials with a valid chain of custody will be clearly labelled with a materials identification label in line with the requirements of the certification scheme.

To ensure all Company employees are aware of the FSC standard requirements, they will be given an FSC overview at induction, refresher overviews or changes to working systems will be communicated via FSC Procedures updates and briefings.

In addition to FSC induction and briefings, employees with direct responsibility for receipt inspection, pallet labelling, despatch, paperwork and logo approval of FSC products will be issued with a copy of the FSC Chain of Custody Procedure to guide them on the requirements of the standard.

The Company ensures suppliers are able to provide evidence that the materials they supply are from responsible sources and are able to provide species information on request.

Any materials supplied as FSC certified will only be accepted as such if accompanied by an invoice which confirms the FSC status of the materials.

To ensure validity, the Company will hold on file a copy of each Supplier’s current FSC certificate and will periodically verify their status with the FSC database.

Materials from other certified sources will only be accepted if it is not possible to source FSC certified materials and any such materials will follow the same chain of custody rules as the FSC.

Our FSC Chain of Custody Management System has been assessed and is certificated against the requirements of FSC-STD-40-004, V3.0 as well as FSC-STD-50-001 V2.0 and is subject to surveillance by an external certification body.

This policy is reviewed at least annually to ensure it is accurate and in line with the company’s processes, targets and objectives. This policy is available to all interested parties on request.

Alan Campbell

Group HR Director